Honey Extraction Service

Schedule a drop-off time for your supers and let us do all the work (especially cleanup!)

Service Fees: $2.00 per frame - take your honey home in buckets or we will fill jars for you Minimum of $20 (10 frames)

- OR -

For the service of extracting, leave us 30% of the honey by weight Minimum of one 8 or 10 frame super, please.

Other Extracting Needs:

  • We stock honey gates so you can bottle your own honey easily ($11.50)

  • We stock pre-drilled 5-gallon buckets with honey gates ($23.95)

  • We stock 5 gallon food-safe buckets with lids ($10.00)

  • We stock 16 fluid ounce jars with lids - $1.50 each

  • We will fill our jars with your honey - $2.75 each, filled

  • We will buy your bulk honey at the market rate per pound - please check with us about market price, as it fluctuates with market demand

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